Liebster Nomination..? Award…? Whatever, I AM THE CHOSEN ONE

Well, this is saving me from having to continue writing my next review (which is still coming this week). Also, I had no idea this was even going around but what the hell lets have fun.

So, the one who nominated me for this -thanks for that- was lazarinth (fantasyandanime). Other than the fact that we had a short discussion on how much Elfen Lied sucks he’s a stranger to me. Which is why I feel all the more honored he nominated me. He asked some very .. well, interesting questions which I’m gonna answer.


1) Where would you rather be right now? Two meters to my right. Cause that’s where my bed is. Also, yes, meters, my dear american audience.

2) If you had the perfect story, which medium would you want to see it portrayed in? Manga, obviously. Heh.

3) What has been your most popular post? Please link it. Yay shameless advertising. You’re not gonna know what it is until you click it :>

4) Do you have a favorite fact about science? If so, what is it? Yes, actually I do. And it’s more of a law than a fact: You can not, never ever, prove something to be true. Rather, a theory is treated as true as long as it is not refuted.

5) On average, how many hours do you think you spend masturbating a week? Yes. That’s the actual question, and I’m gonna answer that. Please don’t sue me for harassment. Firstly, we have to establish if the time looking at porn is included. If so, about 2 hours, I guess? If not, 15 minutes? Something along those lines. There you have it. The internet is the Devil.

6) What’s your favorite book? Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.

7) What’s your favorite food? Viennese Schnitzel. Hurray for Austria!

8) What’s your stance on religion? Hahahaha this is gonna be fun. First off I wanna make clear that I don’t want to be part of any movement, classification or denominations. I refuse to be called Atheist just as much as I refuse to be called Christian. That is because I have a very specific mindset and I am not going to tailor my mindset and my beliefs to fits into a group or classification. And if there is a group or classification that fits perfectly to my beliefs I am not going to declare myself a part of it because my beliefs are changing and it is not so important to me as that I would make the efforts to search for people who have the same mindset as me. By now you can probably see where this is going, and I won’t tell you everything I think about religion, cause that’s too much. Rather, some facts: I don’t have a problem with anyone being religious as long as the person doesn’t try to force their beliefs on other people.Β The right to free speech only holds as long as it doesn’t hinder or discriminate others.Β Yeah. That’s in the human rights declaration. Right beside the right to free speech. Also, if someone does something awesome or I dunno, saves your life, don’t thank God for it for fucks sake. Hope you’re satisfied.

9) Are you (even partially) addicted to anything? The TV. I can’t concentrate without a TV running somewhere in the apartment. I turn it on when I wake up and it continues to be on until I go to sleep. It’s on when I work on my manga and it’s on when I write for my blog.

10) How many vowels are in your name? Well if you’ve ever read a post of mine you know my name. So go count.

11 random facts about me: (1) I try to become a professional mangaka (2) By the time I was 15 I’ve read over 700 books, children’s books and school books excluded (3) I haven’t read a book in 3 years (4) I collect craft beer (5) I’ve been to 7 music festivals (6) I once crafted an eagle out of clay (6) I have a snowboard that’s longer than I am tall (7) The chances that I am taller than you are very high (8) I hate when people text while watching a movie or series and then ask me what happened (9) I once gave a dude 5 euros for a small elephant figurine after he told me it was the international Bob Marley day. (10) I actually took the time to write this (11) I know that you can’t know if i lied about any of this.

Also, I won’t nominate other people for this and i won’t follow the rules, because reasons πŸ™‚

Have a nice day πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Liebster Nomination..? Award…? Whatever, I AM THE CHOSEN ONE”

      1. Despite lack of belief being my default position I thought you gave a very good answer for that one. No the number of vowels in your name, it’s a completely pointless question.


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