Why Fairy Tail is Shit-tier Shounen

Paradigm Shift

Needless to say, massive spoilers are ahead. Lets get this show on the road.

The Overview

This crap has little to no redeeming qualities of its own. When it isn’t busy ripping off its cool older brother Rave, it is busy stealing almost exact scenes and vibes from One Piece. People drawing comparisons to the art style is also a given.



*insert massive facepalm here*

The plot in general is hardly there. Bits and pieces get dropped in between arcs but it takes over 160 something chapters for what looks like an overarching plot to form. Now it is ok to have episodic arcs to a point or ones that loosely connect to each other. Just look at One Piece. However, when these arcs turn to utter crap halfway through or even the less rage-worthy ones are mediocre at best, you definitely have a problem.


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