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Why Fairy Tail is Shit-tier Shounen

Paradigm Shift

Needless to say, massive spoilers are ahead. Lets get this show on the road.

The Overview

This crap has little to no redeeming qualities of its own. When it isn’t busy ripping off its cool older brother Rave, it is busy stealing almost exact scenes and vibes from One Piece. People drawing comparisons to the art style is also a given.

*insert massive facepalm here*

The plot in general is hardly there. Bits and pieces get dropped in between arcs but it takes over 160 something chapters for what looks like an overarching plot to form. Now it is ok to have episodic arcs to a point or ones that loosely connect to each other. Just look at One Piece. However, when these arcs turn to utter crap halfway through or even the less rage-worthy ones are mediocre at best, you definitely have a problem.


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How I Got Cheated by a Manhwa (Dangu)

Cheap Thrills, Guilty Pleasures

WARNING: What follows is another post in which I go apeshit about being cheated out of hours of my life. Before I go apeshit, I’ll sum up the issue: DO NOT READ DANGU (a.k.a. Shaman Warrior).

Manhwa: Dangu
Artist/Writer: Park Joong Ji (CURSE YOU!!!)
Genre: Seinen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature…
Status: Completed (MY ASS!!!!!)

But really? What the fuck. You cannot, cannot just decide and call something finished. Prerequisite of something being COMPLETE is for it to be complete, whole, entire, unified… There’s this fine line between being cancelled and complete – it’s about the size of the San Andreas Fault.

Can you honestly tell me, Park Joong Ji, that this is the way that you decided to end your story? No you didn’t. Someone made you randomly stamp END?

There are reviews saying Dangu is “awesome”, “great”, “epic”… But how? Here I…

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The Absence of the Church of Heaven: Junketsu no Maria and Catholicism

Mage in a Barrel

So, the headline here is that I’m dropping Junketsu no Maria and that I’m pretty bummed about doing so. I like, even adore, a lot of the peripheral elements of the show—Maria herself, her little posse of misfits, the character designs—but the show’s handling of Catholicism and the Catholic Church, which was more or less the focus of this episode, has left me both uncomfortable and a bit upset after watching the second episode. And, as much as I want to, I just can’t ignore those warning bells in my head.

Junketsu no Maria

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Your Lie in April, Episode 14

Mage in a Barrel

Ahahahaha Tsubaki made her way back to the top of the Best Girl rankings last week just in time for this episode—awesome. Just my luck. I’m sorry, Tsubaki-chan. It seems I doomed you.

Your Lie in April

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Durarara!! x2 Episode 2

The Glorio Blog



Shinra ignores the fourth wall and takes us back to the first day of a new semester at Raira Academy, where Izaya’s younger sisters Mairu and Kururi make a dynamic entry and Mikado meets a new kid who seems to know a lot more than he lets on. Meanwhile, things go from bad to worse for Celty, as she learns a 10 million yen bounty has been issued for revealing her true identity.

Aqua’s thoughts

Wait, wasn’t this season going to be about a serial killer? So I thought, but then Celty lost some money, got a bounty on her head a thousand times its worth, Anri ran into Shingen doing some kind of shady deal, some new guy named Aoba pretended to know Mikado, and Izaya’s sisters are entrusted to bring a letter to Simon by a guy bleeding out in a shady alleyway. Oh, and Shizuo beat up a thief disguised…

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