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A Few Updates

Hey there, I just wanted to inform you of a few things.

Firstly, I decided to introduce a fixed once-per-week review. Please comment on which weekday you’d like best. Other posts like discussion topics and recommendations are another matter.

Secondly, I want you, however you like, to inform me of any questions, support, critics or just things you wanna talk about. Of course the obvious way is commenting on any of my posts. Of course, as I always say, you can send me a tweet @nolazyway. What’s new is my email, you can reach me at Plague me with anything 😀

And lastly, I’d like to know which topics you’d like to read about and if you’d like to see my reviews on youtube (I’ve thought about that for a while now and I’d like to know if someone would even watch them). I’d probably make a video for the most popular reviews every one or two weeks.

So that’s everything, please take a few seconds to comment and tell me your opinion on things, it’d help me a lot.

Thank you and have a nice day 😀